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We need to help, not hinder, access to private markets. Regulation is the first step

TitanBay CEO and founder Thomas Eskebaek explains how the current drafting of MiFID regulations is preventing smaller scale sophisticated investors like family offices and smaller institutions from accessing private market investment opportunities, and what needs

LPs and GPs draw battle lines over expenses, transparency as market turmoil impacts sector

Public markets investors have been slamming on the brakes for the past 12 months as macro factors continue to weigh heavy on the global dealmaking and trading environment. But is a different picture appearing in

Bain Capital on why Asia is where it’s at for distressed opportunities

As global markets tank under the pressure of high inflation and the fallout from Russia's Ukraine invasion, so investment eyes turn to distressed assets in the hunt for powerful returns. Among the slew of big-name

Institutions are shifting from equity to debt – but are they being risk-averse enough?

You know the alarm bell is ringing when you see institutional investors rebalancing their portfolios from equity to debt. But Raul Ramos, director of fund services at Crestbridge, believes that the current surge in debt

Here’s why record post-pandemic fundraising is actually causing a headache for LPs

Fundraising patterns seem to be shifting, however, with GPs coming back in the market more frequently than in the past. Vincent Goupil, deputy head for placement agent activity at Jasmin Capital, tells us why this

Mid-market PE managers could struggle most amid ongoing inflation, volatility woes

Private markets fundraising has remained strong in the first half of 2022 – but terror over rising inflation and increased market volatility is seeing LPs shake up their allocations to combat the two-headed dragon. Krishna

Norrsken’s new Africa-focused tech fund is leaping on a giant opportunity other firms are missing

Africa’s booming, tech-savvy young population are being largely ignored by global venture capital investors, despite offering a golden opportunity to get in early in subsectors that have the potential to become world leaders in the

How private equity firms can successfully battle 2022’s hot inflation market

Summing up 2020 in a word would undoubtledly mean saying Covid-19, while Omicron could be considered a strong contender for 2021. Is 2022 the year inflation takes the title? And how are private equity firms

Digital Horizon proves immigrants ‘get the job done’ as Fund II raise scores strong start

Private equity fundraising is gathering pace once again as firms look to press on from the panicked months of the COVID-19 pandemic – and the need to stand out has once again become paramount. Specialist

Booming PE secondaries market could hit $120bn next year, HarbourVest’s Atterbury says

The booming private equity secondaries market could hit more than $120bn next year as investors look to maintain allocations to private markets, HarbourVest managing director David Atterbury has said. AltAssets reported in September that secondaries

How GPs can survive in the increasingly-congested impact, climate investment sectors

Widespread destruction from ever-more dangerous climate change events this year has seen swaths of North America, Africa, Siberia and southern Europe consumed by wildfires, mass flooding in Germany and temperatures in Vancouver reaching 50°C. Impact investment funds have been

Secrets of a pandemic fundraise: Alpine Investors explains $2.25bn hard cap success

Software-focused private equity house Alpine Investors closed its eighth investment fund on its $2.25bn hard cap in September, less than four months after launch. Adding to the impressive size and speed was the fact that

How LA buyout house Diversis turned the crisis of Covid into a striking fundraising success

Traditional wisdom might tell you there are opportunities in every risk – but in times of uncertainty, it is just sometimes not so easily compensable. The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the most uncertain times globally in recent human

The four trends that drive private market investments to 2030 – COVID-19, ESG, AI and Brexit

With the private market off to a turbulent start in 2020, Swiss banking group REYL has highlighted COVID-19, ESG, AI and Brexit as the four investment trends in private markets to 2030 in its latest

A life-changing injury and an ex-NFL star on the team: behind the scenes at new private equity house Red Door Capital

Red Door Capital managing partner Richard Wolpow has had a tumultuous couple of years, even ignoring the global pandemic. Having spent 25 years in the financial world jetting from country to country, a nasty accident

How Revival Healthcare turned belief in a brand new niche into a $500m sophomore fund

The already intensely heated pharmaceutical and medical investment market has grown even more competitive over the past year thanks to rising interest amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Consolidation within the market has also seen the bar

5 private equity fundraises LPs turned to during the coronavirus pandemic

As of March, most of the world had entered full-on panic mode. Countries were locking down, people were stocking up on toilet paper and the financial market was preparing for a shock. While waters have

“Never waste a good crisis” – how successful portfolio companies have adapted to the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has raged across the globe for months now - but some businesses were far quicker to adapt to the growing disaster than others. Private debt investment specialist CVI explains how some of

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