Venture Capital’s “Me Too” Moment

Over the last seventy years, female labor market participation has increased significantly. Women’s representation in highly compensated occupations such as law, medicine, consulting, and investment banking has steadily improved. Yet, the gender diversity in venture…

Private Equity and Financial Stability: Evidence from Failed Bank Resolution in the Crisis

Private equity (PE) has become an important component in the financial system. An extensive literature explores the effects of private equity buyouts on firm-level outcomes, with some papers arguing that such buyouts positively affect the…

Nordic Capital seals impressive Cint Group IPO at SEK9.8bn valuation

Nordic Capital has sealed an impressive IPO of digital survey specialist Cint Group at a SEK9.8bn ($1.18bn) valuation.

Private equity dealmaking surge planned for 2021 as firms look to shake off Covid-19 woes

Private equity houses are gearing up for a surge in dealmaking in 2021 as they look to get back to deploying capital in the wake of the coronavirus shock of this year, new research shows.

LPs eye secondary market as prep for post-Covid world – Coller Private Equity Barometer

More than half of private equity LPs are looking to make secondary deals over the next two years as investors prep for a post-Covid world, Coller Capital's latest annual Global Private Equity Barometer shows.

Powerful private equity bounceback from Covid-19 crisis sees firms keen to deploy huge dry powder totals

Private equity's impressive bounceback from the Covid-19 pandemic looks set to herald a deal surge as firms look to deploy massive amounts of dry powder, new research from law firm Dechert says.

Outlook negative for global asset management industry in 2021 amid wavering investor appetite for risk: Moody’s

A wavering investor appetite for risk and a deteriorating competitive environment are leading to a negative outlook for the global asset management industry next year, new research from Moody's shows.

EQT: Private Equity with a Purpose

The private equity (PE) industry has grown enormously over the past 20 years, from roughly $650 billion in assets under management (AUM) in 2000 to almost $5 trillion in September 2019 (of which some $1.7…

LPs planning big renewable energy infrastructure investment push as climate change response grows

Global institutional investors plan to almost double their allocations to renewable energy infrastructure in the near-term as the global response to climate change continues to gain momentum.

BGF backs human cell disease model startup DefiniGEN

UK investment house BGF has backed a £3.25m funding round for DefiniGEN, a provider of human cell products and services.

Vista Equity Partners helps Pipedrive hit unicorn status through majority investment

Software-focused private equity major Vista Equity Partners has helped CRM platform Pipedrive reach unicorn status through a majority investment.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls: Fiduciary Obligations in the Shadow of Trados

In a newly-released working paper, we tackle a fundamental financial and governance conundrum that nearly every venture capital (VC) backed company faces: when there are multiple classes of stock, how should directors discharge their fiduciary…

German resilience helps DACH region towards record PE deal value total despite Covid-19 volatility

German resilience is helping the DACH region power towards its highest annual private equity deal value total for a decade despite the bruising impact of the coronavirus pandemic on firms across the globe.

GPs must embrace proactive portfolio management tools now, or be left behind

As the coronavirus crisis continues to rage across the glove, private equity investors are being forced to think more carefully about managing their existing portfolios amid a volatile dealmaking market. AltAssets spoke to Eaton Partners'…

Discover the sectors surviving Covid-19’s private equity buy-and-build slump

Private equity buy-and-build activity has suffered a heavy blow through the coronavirus pandemic, with activity dropping to a five-year low according to new data from Silverfleet Capital.

Venture capital investment stays strong through Covid chaos despite ongoing deal numbers slump

Global venture capital investment remains strong despite dealmaking numbers dropping for the sixth consecutive quarter, new research shows, with a trio of $1bn-plus deals from across the globe helping buoy the industry's figures.

Biotech sector sees huge year-on-year private equity, venture capital investment activity jump as Covid recovery continues

Private equity and venture capital investment in the biotech sector has scored its busiest month of the past 12 as markets continue their recovery from March's coronavirus shock.

Private Equity and COVID-19

Private equity (PE) managers have significant incentives to maximize value. As such, their actions during the COVID-19 pandemic should indicate what they perceive as being important for both the preservation and creation of value. In…

Covid forcing newer private equity firms out of fundraising while veteran operators raise huge amounts

European private equity fundraising activity has come roaring back in the third quarter thanks to a slew of big fund closes - but the coronavirus pandemic is forcing many less-established GPs out of the capital…

Second wave of Covid-19 biggest threat to fund managers eyeing LP capital – survey

LPs fears over a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest threat to alternative asset fund managers looking to raise new capital, new research shows.

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