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Episode 36 – The State Of Hiring Tech Talent

Few would debate the importance of technology talent, however its importance in successfully executing growth transformation of a portfolio company is sometimes underappreciated. Acquiring top talent can yield double-digit investment savings by accelerating the transformation

Episode 35 – Data 101

We get back to the basics in this episode to deliver an understanding of data and databases. If you're looking for a quick primer that will help contextualize conversations you're having with targets or portfolio

Episode 34 – Pilot Growth

There’s a lot of excitement about the potential value of artificial intelligence. And we are hearing a great deal about exciting demos in a variety of sectors. However, we are also in a phase where

Episode 33 – The Digital Transformation Payoff

“Investors should talk about their digital investments more and sooner,” advises Suraj Srinivasan, Professor at Harvard Business School, who joins us to discuss his recent article titled ‘Investors Reward Companies That Talk Up Their Digital

Episode 32 – The Importance Of Pricing

Despite evidence that pricing is the most critical predictor of profitability, the science of pricing is still relatively underdeveloped for most portfolio companies, and few have optimized their pricing to maximize profits. Pricing is therefore

Episdoe 31 – Two Six Capital

"We are at a moment of time. Humans and machines are coming together in an unprecedented way – I caution those that resist this change.” Sajjad Jaffer, Two Six Capital Two Six Capital was founded

Episode 30 – Website Visitor Conversion

Most business sectors are feeling the challenges of cannibalization in B2B and B2C e-commerce sales scenarios, with tightening profit margins and the growth of direct e-commerce brands. Investments in developing e-commerce brands are costly and

Episode 29 – Operators-as-a-Service

As private equity firms continue to look to technology as a way of creating growth, the market for operating partners that know technology is picking up. PE firms need pre-investment tech due diligence. During the

Episode 28 – Data Science with Jike Chong

Data science already is, or will be, a key factor in the success of your investing. In this episode of The Private Equity Technology Podcast, we spoke with Jike Chong, Chief Data Scientist at Acorns,

Episode 27 – Discussing Data With Lisa Weaver-Lambert

For good reason, there’s a lot of interest about the potential value that an be unlocked from data. Many Private Equity companies are now asking what should our data strategy be, what should our analytics

Episode 26 – West Monroe Partners On Cybersecurity

Brad Haller and Paul Cotter of West Monroe Partners, a household name in IT diligence, join me on this episode. We get into one increasingly important aspect within IT diligence, namely cybersecurity diligence. Securing your

Episode 25 – Kinzie Capital Partners

So excited to finally be able to tell the story of Chicago-based Kinzie Capital Partners! Kinzie has an investment thesis that you'll hear from many other private equity firms, targeting lower middle market companies amidst

Episode 24 – Da Cloud

Great episode here (though the audio quality isn't). You're undoubtedly hearing a lot about the virtues and benefits of the cloud when it comes to the software running potential acquisitions or portfolio companies. How do

Episode 23 – Hiring Tech Executives

Hiring the right tech executives to run your portfolio companies is a serious challenge. Alex Rawlings, of UK-based Raw Selection, dials in from across the pond with strategies and tips on how to find what

Episode 22 – Private Equity IT Trends

Renna Partners' Mike Bestvina dropped in to talk current private equity market IT trends and going ons. We cover two primary topics. First, that the game is just starting when it comes to private equity

A Rant: Hire Portfolio Company CIOs With Software Backgrounds

Hardware, networking, infrastructure. These are commodities. Easily outsourced. Competitive advantages and efficiencies are gained via software. When your private equity firm prepares to execute its vision with a new portfolio company, I highly recommend a

Episode 20 – Talking Innovation Strategy With McDonald’s Innovation Guru Wayne Montague

Before you get to taking on big technology initiatives, you need to have a definitive understanding of your core business: what are the markets you serve, who are your customers, etc. You need to make

A Rant: You’re Not Too Late. In Fact, You’re Still Early!

It's not too late to get serious about how your private equity firm approaches the evaluation of technology's potential at targets and portfolio companies. The industry has been slow moving. Get started now!

A Rant: Dear Associates, You Have An Incredible Opportunity To Make An Impact

Dear Private Equity Associates - You have an enormous opportunity to add value at your respective firms: go deep on understanding the technology both pre- and post-acquisition. Your bosses and bosses' bosses most likely don't

Episode 17 – Managing The Rollout Of Large Technological Change

Rightfully, more and more attention is being paid to how a portfolio company's operations and culture are affected by large changes to the technology that runs the business. When there are meaningful technological changes, it

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