Episode 30 – Website Visitor Conversion

Most business sectors are feeling the challenges of cannibalization in B2B and B2C e-commerce sales scenarios, with tightening profit margins and the growth of direct e-commerce brands. Investments in developing e-commerce brands are costly and much of the focus is placed on acquiring customers, as digital has changed how companies compete for their customers.

Understanding what drives higher conversion translates into real income. The kind of value at stake gives Private Equity companies a powerful incentive to close the capability gap. But how?

It comes down to the fundamentals. Tracking the data behind the user experience and transaction path, funnel analysis, scroll maps, usability testing. The tools to make that happen are readily available.

Jon MacDonald, Founder of The Good, sat down with us to talk about data-driven conversion success. He explains how data drives decisions and how to use that data to increase conversion.

In this episode you’ll learn:
* The financial impact of conversion on the value creation opportunity
* The tools for data collection
* Key pieces of data to focus on and compliance
* Practical examples of optimization success

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:
Jon MacDonald on Linkedin: http://bit.ly/jon-macdonald
The Good: thegood.com
Hot Jar: hotjar.com
Segment: segment.com

This show was co-hosted with Lisa Weaver-Lambert.

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