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Wall Street Likes Meta’s Plans to Cut Costs

Meta’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, called 2023 the “year of efficiency,” a pronouncement that is reassuring investors and sparking a wider rally in tech stocks.

Blackstone Loses Rent Dispute at Manhattan’s Biggest Apartment Complex

The ruling was the latest development in the turbulent history of Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village, the setting of many of New York City’s most high-profile housing battles.

Big Donors Like Steve Schwarzman Back Away From Donald Trump

Deep-pocketed conservatives, including Stephen A. Schwarzman and Kenneth C. Griffin, said they plan to back alternatives to the former president.

Clean Energy Tax Break Draws Scrutiny of Natural Gas Plan in New Mexico

A defunct New Mexico coal plant would be revamped with the help of subsidies authorized by the new climate legislation, but a plan to rely on natural gas converted into hydrogen has generated criticism.

Elon Musk and Twitter Executives May Still Fight in Court

Disputes over compensation and firings, and potentially over layoffs, could push both sides into fresh legal battles.

Conservatives Attack Companies for Being Too ‘Woke’ on Climate

Conservatives in the U.S. have targeted firms for their environmental policies, but many companies are standing their ground.

Musk to Address Twitter All-Hands Meeting

Musk will take questions from employees as his $44 billion acquisition of the company moves ahead, despite his hand-wringing about bots.

When Wall Street’s bears attack the stock market

What the second bear market since the start of the pandemic might signal.

Private Equity Is the New Financial Supermarket

Private-equity firms were once niche players serving big clients. Now they’re trying to be everything to everyone.

Blackstone Expands Further Into Rental Housing in the U.S.

The private equity firm said it would acquire Preferred Apartment Communities, a real estate investment trust, for $6 billion as it seeks a hedge against inflation.

How Businesses in Texas and Florida Wrestle With States’ Vaccine Backlash

With the Biden administration’s attempt to impose a national standard blocked, companies must navigate a thicket of local rules as they try to return employees to the workplace.

Yasir al-Rumayyan Missing From Saudi Arabia's Investment Conference

The unexplained absence of Yasir al-Rumayyan, who oversees the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund, has highlighted concerns about a lack of transparency.

As Inflation Persists, Everything Is Getting More Expensive

Persistently high inflation is a problem for the Fed and the White House.

Blackstone in London Sets Vaccine Rule to Work in Office

Starting next week, the American private equity firm will take a more forceful approach to vaccines than many other firms in Britain.

Reese Witherspoon to Sell Hello Sunshine to Wall Street-Backed Venture

With the planned sale of Hello Sunshine, the studio she started in 2016, the Oscar winner joins the ranks of Hollywood’s power brokers.

Soho China Sells to Blackstone, Cementing Owners' Exit

The husband-and-wife team atop Soho China had already been keeping a lower profile than they did during an earlier, freer era of the country’s economic revival. Now they are selling their real estate business to

Janet Yellen Helps Reshape the Global Tax Order

A “historic” agreement by the G7 is a big step toward global tax coordination.

La leche de avena Oatly cotiza en bolsa

Oatly, fabricante de alternativas lácteas, podría tener un valor de 10.000 millones de dólares al cotizar en el mercado de valores esta semana. La venta de acciones es un barómetro de los cambios en las

Oatly, a Maker of Oat Milk, Is About to Have Its IPO

Oatly, maker of dairy alternatives, could be worth $10 billion when it lists on the stock market this week. The share sale is a barometer of changing consumer preferences.

Private Equity Firms Are Piling On Debt to Pay Dividends

Dividend recaps, a kind of borrowing long condemned for loading up companies with debt for the benefit of their private equity owners, has surged.

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